LUGOB (Linux User Group Ovest Bresciano)


:: Chi Siamo

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brescia_mapWe are an Italian Linux User Group."Ovest Bresciano" is a little area located between Brescia and Bergamo districts, in the north of Italy.

Our main goals include spreading Linux and Open Source software and recycling old computers (trashware).

Linux User Groups proliferate in almost every country in the world... They usually operate locally; for this reason we decided not to translate our website into english. We prefer to focus our efforts on the development of our projects.

The general information about Linux, Open Source, etc... contained here are widely available on the net in every language.

If you are looking for a Linux User Group in your city or country, and are good places to start your searching.

Anyway, if you wish to contact us for any question, feel free to write us :-)

Important Notice: we recommend you not to translate this website with web-translators like google language tools; recycling old computers turns into money laundering and our public meetings become escape in public... we appear just like a criminal organization more than a non profit association ;-) If you decide to auto-translate our website, you're doing it you at your own risk... ;-)